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The Dace Man Show was a concept that spawned in the Fall of 2006, after Chris Dace did a stint in Savannah Georgia for nine months. Upon his return to Deptford, NJ the show would go on hiatus until January 2009 where it would have a 6 episode run on the now redesigned Crackle. After another four years of hiatus Chris was approached by station director of Mega Powers Radio, Mike Paden, as well as one of the station’s previous hosts, Michael Burhan, to revive his old variety show. Thus began the third incarnation of The Dace Man Show, this time in a podcast format.

The first guests on The Dace Man Show were Michael Paden and Michael Burhan who are now special guests that make occasional appearances. Gibby made his debut on episode three of The Dace Man Show entitled “You’re Sounding Kinda T-Painy”. and has been the longest co-host for The Dace Man Show to date. Frank Ward would join the ensemble as a cast regular on episode 11 “Caller From the 641 You’re on The Air!” Past co host include, Michael Paden, Nikki Mills, Michael Burhan, Travis Goss, Frank Cline, and Tricia Bell.

The Dace Man Show has also held many specials during its multiple year run. One of the specials that have run is the Iowan Take Overs hosted by  Frank Ward, When The Dace Man is unable to fufill hosting duties the boys from the Midwest take the reins and keep the show a weekly tradition. The Iowan Crew includes Frank Ward as the host including variation of  co-hosts such as Aaron Bentle, Jefferson Brown, Kelly Lightbody, and Travis Sullivan.

The podcast has also branched out as franchise creating an annual gaming charity event, raising funds for various organizations surpassing their goals each year. The hosts of The Dace Man Show choose a winter weekend and game for twenty-four hours raising money and raffling off prizes. Previous charity organizations that have benifited from The Dacetacular Gaming for a Cause have been, St Judes Children Research Hospital, Young Audiences of New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania and The Deleware Valley Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Organization.

Lastly as part of the The Dace Man Show franchise was the creation of YouTube page and production company Basement Protocol. The content varies from podcast appearances of the talent from The Dace Man Show in association with Fanboys Anonymous, Mega Powers Radio, Old Time Wrestling and Nerdgenoius. Original Programming such as Gaming Adventures With The Dace Man Show, featuring Let’s Plays with various hosts, The Duel, featuring debates between hosts of The Dace Man Show on which would prevail in a contest and also The Daily Download, a vlog featuring the opinions of The Dace Man himself can be found on The Dace Man Show  YouTube. Basement Protocol also has several projects currently listed in pre-production.


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